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Patent Registration in Israel and Intellectual Property Services

Our firm manages and protects intellectual property by registering patents, designs, utility models, trademarks, copyrights; by preparing agreements and contracts related to intellectual property; and by supporting inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, and colleagues from other countries. We guide our clients from the initial conceptualization stages through to the commercial stages, dealing with investors and companies, suppliers and secondary suppliers.

The firm handles the registration of patents in Israel and around the world, as well as the protection and registration of other intellectual property rights so that the inventor, entrepreneur or company can maximize upon their invention, idea, or design’s raw potential, to sell or commercialize their intellectual property using different business methods. This enables the inventor, entrepreneur or company to take advantage of the intellectual property rights that will give them a legal monopoly entrenched in the various Intellectual Property laws in Israel and abroad.

Our firm represent overseas lawyer and patent attorney colleagues, overseas inventors and companies, and we submit their intellectual property applications in Israel, according to the law and regulations of the Israeli Patent Authority.

Registration of Trademarks in Israel – Trademarks

Registration of a trademark or trademarks is an important legal tool in the field of intellectual property. A trademark allows an entrepreneur or company to protect their name or their logo.   Click here

Patent Attorneys in Israel-Advocates

Patent and intellectual property attorneys are fully qualified lawyers. Sometimes lawyers who deal with patents are called patent lawyers, but they have received certification from the Israeli Bar Association   Click here

Patent Registration in Israel – Registered patent

Registering a patent in Israel provides the applicant with a monopoly right for twenty years from the date of patent registration application if the registered patent is granted... Click Here
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